Thursday, December 19, 2013

Holiday Baking:: The Ultimate Sugar Cookie

If you love to bake, or even if you don't it is essential to have a go-to cake recipe, a must-have chocolate chip cookie recipe and finally a great sugar cookie recipe to fall upon when you have last minutes guests or birthdays. I was without the latter until reading the December issue of Bon Appétit where a recipe for the Ultimate Sugar Cookie was revealed on the cover.   These cookies are beyond chewy and have the prefect ratio of sweetness to buttery goodness. I decided to tap  into my inner artist by painting the royal icing with a beautiful colored luster dust as they suggested in the magazine and the result was so pretty.  The cookies glistened under the twinkling lights and made for a great desert served alongside a cup of hot cocoa.  Continue for more...

A Few Things: Use the bottled lemon juice if possible instead of squeezing from an actual lemon as using the latter will result in pulp getting into the luster and not making it as smooth as possible.  
Where to Buy Luster: NY Cake 
*Photgraphy & Styling by Alison 
Recipe slightly adapted from Bon Appetit's Ultimate Sugar Cookies


  1. YUm!!! I have a great sugar cookie recipe as well from my grandma! These turned out so beautiful.

  2. Yum! Homemade sugar cookies are so much better than the store-bought ones!

  3. These are so pretty!

  4. These look fantastic! I use a really good vanilla extract to give my cookies more depth of flavor. It can make all the difference in the world. I'll definitely be trying out this recipe over the holiday.