Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Handcrafted:: Paper Poppy Present Toppers

My philosophy when it comes to wrapping presents is that the present should look as beautiful on the outside as it does on the inside.  When the holidays roll around, I look for ways to creatively dress-up gifts that will be placed under the sparkling tree.  One of my favorite ways is to top a present with a seasonal flower, garland or a traditional bow, however, this year I will be adding these giant paper poppies to serve as present toppers.  Before this project, I thought that making paper flowers was quite difficult, but I actually learned that it is the opposite.  These poppies are incredibly easy to make and you can really be creative with the colors and finishes;  I created a few different varieties including a metallic red poppy and a gold foil version.  Continue for more...

Getting Started:
A variety of colored paper, for petals and stamen at least 8 sheets per flower (see buying guide below)
Glue Gun
Wooden Skewer
Floral Wire, optional for stem
Martha Stewart Petal template

1. Using template cut out 8 petals.  
2.  Using skewer fold petals back and forth into an accordion like shape (this gives it the texture)
3.  Once petals have been folded, fold the bottom slip into each other creating a pocket, seal closed with the glue gun.
4. Repeat for seven other petals.  Once petals have been sealed, place glue on the bottom and begin to form into a flower.
5. To make the stamen, measure one circle to be six inches in diameter and another to be three inches.
6. Fringe both circles, cupping in your hands to let them look like an actual stamen.  
7. Using glue gun, glue the six inch fringed circle into the center of the poppy, next place a dollop of glue inside and invert the three inch fringed circle so that the fringe is faced-down.  
8. If desired, double wrap floral wire and adhere to the back of the flower using glue gun. 
You can watch the Martha Stewart video here for some additional help!

Buying Guide:
Paper Presentation has a wonderful array of papers in matte, glossy and metallic
To achieve the foil effect, I used soft metal sheets from Amaco ArtEmboss in Bright Gold 
*Photographs & Styling by Alison


  1. I love poppies - this is all so pretty! It's like getting two gifts in one :-)

  2. This is a genius idea! It's still holiday-appropriate, but not overdone