Friday, September 13, 2013

Little Bits of Happiness

(One of my favorite new coffee shops in Greenpoint, Brooklyn -  Milk and Roses)
(A scene from the photoshoot that I assisted at with the great food stylist/photographer Vanessa Rees)
(Brooklyn sunsets keep getting better and so do the shadows that they cast)

(Levain Bakery, no word to describe these chocolate chip cookies, no words)
(Classic New York, so pretty)
(A quaint coffee shop you must visit if in the East Village, Bluebird Coffee )

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  1. I'm so jealous of the unique coffee shops around you. Where I live it's only starbucks and dunkin donuts. How boring! :(

  2. That coffee shop looks AMAZING. I wish I had something like that near me. xo, Julie

  3. love how you captured that shadow...and the photoshoot!! everything looks divine!

  4. This picture of the sunset with the shadow on the colorful building is so beautiful!!!
    Have a wonderful weekend ♥

  5. The food looks delicious! She did a great job with the styling

  6. I am obsessed with those cookies. They really are the best.

  7. I like her styling, but i must admit I like yours even more ! Keep up the good work !