Wednesday, December 5, 2012


The highlight of my year was definitely our trip to Greece (you can see the photographs here, here and here). I love taking trips that make you feel like a completely different person -  trips that expose you to new walks of life, history and amazing food.  While we were on the island of Paros, we drove up winding mountainous roads to Lefkes, a charming white-washed village with pockets of Byzantine influence.  It was there that we had the most amazing baklava on our trip. We were wandering the narrow roads when we came across a little shop run by an elderly Greek woman.  She sliced us both two large pieces of baklva that we decided to eat once we got back to our hotel - it was divine.  The flaky phyllo dough layers melted in your mouth while the sweetness of honey and aromatic cinnamon made you close your eyes to relish the moment.  It was since that very moment in May that I have wanted to make this pastry, so I finally did and it just so turns out that baklava is very appropriate to the season, as it infuses honey, cinnamon and cloves.  I used this recipe and was blown away by the results.  The only thing that was missing was a caffè freddo (a Greek specialty) and a view of the Aegean Sea.  

(The filling - walnuts and almonds)
A Few Things: Phyllo dough is very fragile, so just be prepared to work quickly as if it gets exposed to too much air, it will dry out and break making it impossible to work with.  For the filling, you can use a variety of nuts, I opted to used half blanched almonds and half walnuts.  Finally for the most authentic version, this recipe calls for either sugar or honey - use honey as this is what they use in Greece and in other Middle Eastern countries, you will not be disappointed.  

*All photographs by Alison 


  1. Hi Alison! Love to see and read your recipes! this one looks so good! I pin the pic!:D Kisses!! xo

  2. I'm so impressed by what a fabulous baker you are! these look so yummy!

    xx amy

    Leopard and Lillies

  3. You are awesome....I'm such a huge fan of delicacies like the Baklava!


  4. Baklava was EVERYWHERE when I was in Greece, but I never got around to trying it. This looks so yummy, lady!

    The Glossy Life

  5. I've never had baklava, but you seriously make me want to try it!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  6. You baked it like a proper Greek!
    I'm Greek and I've never baked such a baklava!
    Well done girl!

  7. Wow- Allison, you are a pro in the kitchen! Everything you make is just amazing! I went to Greece whrn I was in my late teens and I would looove to go back!

    Holly Foxen Wells
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  8. One of my favorite treats - so decadent! now I"m craving some :)


  9. I LOVE baklava!!! That looks so delicious! Beautiful photos as always!

    xo Jenny

  10. YUM! I've never made baklava, but have always wanted to! Looks delish. xo, Julie

  11. oh wao !!! this really looks divine!! And the recipe doesn't look too difficult....I always thought this was hard to make. And your pictures are perfect. Like always

  12. Yummy!!! My husband is Greek so we love us some Baklava in our house! I haven't ever made it myself though. Yours looks great!

  13. My best friend is from Turkey so all the time I visit her her mom made Baklava. this is my all time favourite dessert. Many people think its too sweet but its the BEST. Thanks for sharing :-)

  14. Well done for your wonderful μπακλαβα!!!
    I am from Greece and can't bake it all!