Thursday, April 19, 2012

Cherry Blossom Wonder

I get lost in the beauty of cherry blossoms. Once a year their flowers made up of layer upon layer of the lightest pink petals add such beauty to where ever they bloom.  These gorgeous flowers are in full-bloom in Central Park and were beginning to swirl off the trees and lightly fall like petals of snow.  My favorite thing to do is lay under the many branches and stare up at how they intertwine and create an unbelievably magical umbrella of petals.  


  1. So beautiful!!
    I wish we had those trees here in Brazil, they are amazing!!

  2. How timely .... yesterday I was thinking about the cherry blossoms back east and wishing I could see them and, thanks to you, I just did :)

  3. thanks for stopping by my blog and following! im gladly following back! those cherry blossoms are gorgeous!!


  4. cherry blossoms are so pretty, I wish they were here year round!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

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  6. I love these trees! Pretty pictures!
    Thank you for your message on IFB. I follow you on GFC and bloglovin!
    Follow me back?

  7. So beautiful!! make me feel fresh n fragrance!