Friday, March 23, 2012

Inspiring Interiors - Yellow Touches

(A bright yellow floral wallpaper is nicely contrasted with white lacquered finishes)

 The addition of yellow to a room truly has the ability to have the same warming effect as a heavy dose of sunshine. Whether bright or more subdued, this shade adds an ethereal glow to any room that it enters.  
(Ornate crown molding and a bright yellow vase)
(Bright yellow matting provides a beautiful contrast to the off-white walls)
(Hints of golden yellow provide a warming backdrop to the double headboards)
(Yellow floral wallpaper and matching curtains)
(A bright yellow lamp stands out amidst blue details and fern wallpaper)
 (A vibrant yellow sofa)
(A bold console and curtains in the same hue)
 All images from here and here


  1. LOOOVE! I've been pinning like crazy :) Thanks for sharing the inspiration!

    x Monique
    Petite Avenue

  2. such a bright and happy color!

  3. I think I just found where I belong to, paradise.

    xx Sophie

  4. Love the touch of yellow!


  5. love the last one! i have to say i am not one for subtleties