Friday, March 2, 2012

Inspiration: Dressing up a Mantel

(This gorgeous detailed fireplace really stands out against the floral backdrop)

My good friend is moving into her first apartment here in Brooklyn (I couldn't be more excited), and I am a tad bit jealous because it has a white fireplace with elaborate molding. I have always wanted a white fireplace with moldings. I dream of hanging a large gilded mirror and placing a large bouquet of cherry blossom branches in front.  But living in New York, you give a little and take a little - I wouldn't trade our large porch for anything, outdoor space in the New York City area is golden.  She has asked for my input on decorating (yeah!), so here are some bits of inspiration to get me started. 
What do you dream about having in your home? 
(A simple gold frame)
 (Layered mirrors - star burst over a large white mirror)
(A geometric white mirror)
 (An ornate gold mirror flanked by two vases)
 (A black wall provides a stark contrast to the marbled fireplace)
(Intricate molding details and a peacock-like hearth cover)
(Ornate molding is offset by a large basic white mirror)
(Filling a non-working fireplace with wood creates a rustic effect)
(An off-centered mirror and green plants to fill the hearth)
(Or filled with hydrangeas)
(Layered antiqued mirrors)

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