Thursday, March 6, 2014

{Beauty Profile} Ultraluxe Enzyme Peeling Cream

Our wedding day is quickly approaching (about 2 months away!) and I have been diligent about keeping up with my skincare regime in order to have a 'bridal glow' come May.  In order to have a polished and luminous complexion it is important to slough-off dead skin cells either with a physical scrub (one that is infused with micro-granuals, salt or sugar) or a chemical scrub (one that has fruit enzymes or alpha hydroxy acids).  I like to incorporate both forms into my skincare routine and recently I have been using the Ultraluxe Enzyme Peeling Cream to keep my skin fresh.  This rinse-off cream is laced with pumpkin enzymes which acts as a natural 'chemical' exfoliator, in addition to cardamom and Beta Carotene extracts that help to eliminate blackheads, dead skin and unnecessary oils that can cause break outs.  After one use, my skin was incredibly supple and soft and considering the arctic temperatures that my complexion has been subjected to that was no easy task.  Using this Peeling Cream once or twice a week will allow for your moisturizer to work better and retain moisture.  If you are looking to incorporate a scrub that is less abrasive than physical scrubs I definitely recommend going this route.

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  1. I can't believe your big day is only 2 months away! This product sounds amazing, can't wait to hear more about it works! xx

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