Wednesday, March 26, 2014

A Sweet Introduction:: The Caprice

One of my favorite things about New York and Brooklyn is discovering new bakeries where owners pour their heart and soul into their confections, Caprices by Sophie is no exception. Situated on Williamsburg's bustling North 6th Street, this bakery is a jewel of a shop that specializes in the Caprice, a relatively new French dessert that has made it's way to New York.   The caprice is made of pâte à choux, otherwise known as a cream puff and is filled with pastry cream and topped with the appropriate corresponding flavor, whether it be salted caramel, pecan or lemon.  They are two bite beauties that will satisfy any sweet tooth.  

Caprices by Sophie

138 North 6th Street Brooklyn, NY 

*Photography by Alison 


  1. Oh goodness! I'm SO visiting this bakery over the weekend!

  2. those look delish!! I'll have to put this on my list for when you show me around Williamsburg. ;)

    The Style Scribe

  3. YUM!!! I need to come visit you for sure so you can take me around to a gourmet tour.

  4. Um these look so good!! I really need to spend a day in Brooklyn next time I'm in NY! My husband's cousin just moved to Greenpoint and loves it. xoxo

  5. Ooo I want to try these! They're kind of adorable and the salted carmel sound so, so good!

  6. holy crow… i need to find a vegan bakery that does such cute and delish pastries. yum.

    xo Lauren |