Sunday, February 5, 2012

Rich Double Chocolate Brownies

They say that the way into the heart is via the mouth, so that being said, if you are looking for ways to to swoon a loved one this Valentine's Day, I recommend you bake them Double Chocolate Brownies.   This is by far my favorite brownie recipe, because the results are an incredible fudge-like consistency with an intense chocolate rush, thanks to the chocolate chips and cocoa powder.  
A Few Things: As with any recipe involving chocolate, I always invest in good quality chocolate.  For this recipe, I opted to use Ghirardelli  semi-sweet chocolate chips over bittersweet chips and Ghirardelli  cocoa powder.  I finished my brownies off with powdered sugar, but a rich chocolate ganache would be a divine finisher as well. Lastly, I had hoped to cut the brownies out into the shape of a heart, but New York City seems to have a shortage of heart cookie cutters, meaning, they seem to be sold out everywhere.  

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