Welcome to Heart of Gold, a space designed to inspire. For the longest time I was looking for a creative space that would allow me to share my daily inspirations, so in 2010 I started Heart of Gold, which has since turned into my little haven where I share my love of delicious food, gorgeous flowers, photography, style and décor. I hope to in turn inspire you as well. Welcome and please do stay awhile.


  1. 41 Olive stole your photograph and recipe for Tangerine Olive Oil Cake... thought you should know....just received it in an e-blast and ran an image-match on Google - there you are! Although copying is sometimes the biggest form of flattery, I also think they should pay you to use your image and verbiage.

    -- Fellow Artist

    1. They have done this several times. I hate to think of the hard work that has gone un-acknowledged.;

    2. Hello, thank you for your help, I contacted them and they removed it from their facebook site. Where do you see this information?