Monday, August 25, 2014

I Love This Look: The Duster Coat

Happy Monday everyone! It feels good to be back, honestly being away for even a week made me truly miss blogging.  I never realized after stepping away for a week, while not technically traveling, feels rather strange. The process of blogging has been interwoven into my life so completely, when I am not doing it on a daily basis I miss it.  I hope that everyone had a great week.  Starting this off this week, sadly the last 'unofficial' week of summer, there is not better time to talk transitions. The duster jacket is one of those pieces that is great to incorporate in spring or fall since it can add a bit of polish to any look.  Below are some of my favorite picks to help achieve this look.   I would love to get my hands on a vest version, have you seen any? Tips please!

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  1. so chic! Love the Tibi coat - perfect shade of blue!

    The Style Scribe

  2. I need that Tibi coat!! Like Merritt said, it is the perfect shade of blue!

  3. I missed you last week!! As many "breaks" as I've taken, I keep coming back... And agree with everyone, that TIbi coat is amazing!