Thursday, February 6, 2014

{Artist Spotlight} Sara Winward Flowers

As you know I adore flowers - their color, texture and aroma.  I stumbled across Sara Winward Flowers via Pinterest and immediately fell in love. Her arrangements are organic, whimsical and echo that of a still-life.  I adore these bouquets because they incorporate poppies, a flower that I have been trying to get my hands on in the flower district for the past three weeks. They are currently being imported from Italy, but apparently the crop isn't that great this year due to the large amount of rain fall, but stay-tuned.  For now, I hope you love her work as much as I do.  

Images via Sara Winward


  1. I adore poppies!! It's such a happy and bold flower. These are beautiful! OMG it's snowing you guys up there?!

  2. Ahhh so pretty! Love their whimsy.

  3. Such gorgeous flowers. Love the colors. xo, Julie