Monday, April 29, 2013

Postcards from Curaçao (Part II)

(The eerie deserted lighthouse on Klein Curaçao)

I hope that everyone had a great weekend! It finally felt like spring here in New York - everything is in bloom especially cherry blossoms (my favorite, photos to come).  I spent the weekend catching up, but I will be honest after such a relaxing vacation I am having a harder time getting back into the swing of things - I feel like I am still on island time. It is nice to be so relaxed but can oftentimes make for an unproductive weekend. Anyways...I am excited to share with you our last photos from Curaçao.  One of my favorite things about the trip (besides the engagement of course!) was our voyage to Klein Curaçao, or 'little Curaçao'.  This island is uninhabited, so I was immediately lured into the idea since I live on an island that is just the opposite.  There was nothing one the island except soft, silky sand, turquoise water, vibrant blue iguanas, an abandoned lighthouse and a ship wreck.  This little island was a two hour catamaran ride away atop a choppy Caribbean sea.  I felt at some points that I was on some sort of amusement ride - we sat in the front and lets just say at some points I thought I was underwater - we got soaked, but had a blast doing so.  We snorkeled with fish in every color of the rainbow and even saw sea turtles.  

Another highlight of the trip was the capital city, Willemstad with it's pastel colored architecture and floating bridges and markets.  I have quite a fascination, okay obsession, with buildings that have paint peeling from them - this adds a rustic and weather-worn look that architecture here in the U.S lacks.  I could have taken a million of photos of the different buildings.  Finally, the foliage in Curaçao was just fantastic from palm trees that stretched up to the sky, bougainvillea in vibrant fuschia and peach to interesting trees that lined the sea with twisting trunks - this was eye candy for my soul! I hope that you enjoyed the photos and if you are looking for a relaxing, laid-back destination I would definitely recommend this island.  
(A shipwreck on Klein Curaçao)

(Beaches with sand that was as soft as silk and turquoise waters)

(The view from the catamaran)
(Some of the many colorful bougainvillea that colored the island)
(A pink and purple sunset)
(Steps down to the beach)
(A moodier sunset with colors of gray and purple)
(Downtown Willemstad architecture and the floating market)

(A colorful abandoned building)
(Rustic architecture)
(The view of the Otrabanda and the floating bridge)
(A beautiful cemetery spotted on our way to our favorite beach Grotte Knip) 
(A dive school situated next to a fantastic coral reef)
(Dried brain coral - one of the delights discovered while snorkeling)
(Klein Knip a great little beach for snorkeling)
(Porto Marie beach and mile-high palms)
*Photographs by Alison 


  1. Looks like a great destination!

  2. So beautiful!!!! What fabulous photos!! I sure miss this water. Now the ocean that I get to swim in is soooooooooo cold.....I miss the caribbean!

  3. These are incredible pictures...I can't get over how amazing this place looks! I went snorkeling in the Keys once, and it was pretty amazing–although, I saw a shark. NOT COOL!

  4. wow, such beautiful photos and amazing colors! looks like a fabulous trip.

  5. Your photos are incredible! And an uninhabited island sounds so absolutely perfect!! I always take at least a week to get back into the swing of things after a vacation. Also, congratulations on your engagement!! I just read that post too, I'm a little behind on blogging.

  6. I love how blue the water is, ahh I want to be there. Everything looks amazing.

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  7. Hi Alison! Thanks so much for sharing your photos, they actually made me dream a lot!:) As the first part, this one is truly fab, the sea is magnificent, looks like a dreamy and peaceful island! Love the pic with the shipwreck, seems from a movie!:) Have a great week, kisses! xo

  8. The color of the water is just amazing!!!
    And I love all those colorful houses! A dreamy place Alison, I'm sure you enjoyed every bit because this place looks like heaven on earth.

  9. We must be on on the same blogging schedule these days - I'm having serious wanderlust after these photos! You've got an amazing eye, loving these photos :)

  10. Wow...these photos are absolutely amazing!! Thanks for sharing! Congrats on being engaged!! xoxo

  11. Gorgeous!! That lighthouse is definitely erie but you've captured it beautifully! And I just can't get over the water... so pretty!

  12. You photos always make me happy. Looks like such a dream.