Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Creating a Luxurious Life:: Linen & Room Spray

 I absolutely adore the smell of fresh laundry - it has a certain aroma that greets you with a warm presence.  Unfortunately, laundry time in Brooklyn is short of being glamorous, especially if you are without a laundry machine to call your own.  I, like many New Yorkers, make the long haul back and forth to the laundry mat with each time making the idea of owning a washer and dryer feel like some sort of dream.   In order to make post-laundry time more luxurious I decided to create different linen and room sprays to make my sheets, blankets and towels fresher and also to fragrance the air with a naturally uplifting scent.  Creating your own spray is incredibly easy and if you put it inside of a pretty container  you will want to keep it by your bedside and spray it on your pillow before going to bed.  Continue for instructions... 

I created two kinds of spray - Sweet Orange and Eucalyptus Lemon. The former has an uplifting and refreshing citrus scent while the Eucalyptus Lemon provides a heavy dose of aromatherapy.   There are so many essential oils to choose from it was hard to pick, but next time I might explore rose, gardenia and neroli.  

Materials Needed:
Essential oils of your choice (I purchased mine from Mountain Rose Herbs)
8 ounce glass bottles with sprayers (I purchased mine from SKS Bottle & Packaging)
Distilled Water

Pour water into bottles and then add essential oil drops.  To store, keep out of direct sunlight. Spray on sheets, blankets or in the air to create a fresh smelling aroma. 

*Photographs by Alison


  1. I love lemons and my mom has a eucalyptus candle that I love, too. I bet this smells amazing!

  2. Great idea -- going to try sweet orange

  3. I'm kind of addicted to room sprays but never thought of making our own - this sounds relatively easy and would be fun to try!! Sweet orange would be so refreshing :)

  4. I love this idea! I have a lavender and vanilla, and then a lemon room spray and both smell amazing (from Bath and Body Works!). Now I want to make my own!

    The Glossy Life

  5. Wow. You're a genius! I love this idea!

  6. I love room sprays!! I want to try making my own now! xo, Julie

  7. This is such an awesome household trick! Thanks for sharing!


  8. What a great idea, I bet it makes the room smell so fresh!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  9. Oh yes!!! How nice to have this smell constantly around the house. ANd I hate those sprays you buy I feel like they are filled with so many chemicals.

  10. Thanks for sharing this great post. I would love to try it.

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    Have a great Wednesday,

  11. Great idea!!! I have to try it to have this good scent all day long in my little home ...!

  12. this looks like a great idea, but what is distilled water??

  13. How beautifully display. I love the amber glass bottles - can hardly wait to try!!

  14. love citrussy smells they make me feel happy. Great post

  15. Thanks for the recipe! I did lemon + tea tree oil & I love it :]