Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Chicken & Dumpling Soup & Skin Owl Oil Winner

I want to thank everyone for their kind wishes yesterday, you guys are seriously the best.  When something like that happens it makes you take a step back and realize how precious and short life can sometimes be - something I think that I take for granted at times.

I wanted to share my final guest post for Meg Biram's blog  that posted last week where I featured one of my favorite winter soups - Chicken and Dumplings.  In case you guys missed it, here it is. Continue for recipe.

A Few Things: This makes a large pot so if you only want to make this for one meal you might want to cut the recipe in half.  I will say though that this recipe if kept in the refrigerator for a day or two only gets better. I ate this for dinner a few nights in a row because it was just that good.  

Also, congratulations to Pam Hyde! You are the winner of the Skin Owl oil of your choice, congratulations! Thank you for everyone that entered. 

*All photographs by Alison 


  1. I've always wanted to make dumpling soup but it seemed SO complicated...I think I was worried that my dumplings would fall apart. This looks too yummy not to try!

    The Glossy Life

  2. This is one of my favourite recipes for the cold, cold days when you crave for comfort food and warmth. Of course, the ingredients might differ a bit but the result is still excellent :)

    Love how your pictures get prettier and prettier with time. Also, I was so sorry to read about your loss, hope you're feeling slightly better now. My condolences :(

  3. LOVE! Want to try this this weekend- got to fit it in before the weather warms up!

  4. Looks so good! I will have to try this! xoxo

  5. oh wao...this looks really husband would love me if I made him this.....but first I'm remaking the lemon cake! I think this afternoon. he has been sick so I want to pamper him. Oh and I tried an olive oil chocolate cake was surprisingly good....but I bet you can find a better recipe. xx

  6. Yum, I haven't had a good bowl of chicken dumpling soup in forever!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  7. wow looks amazing. craving some warm soup now :)

    & Pretty Things

  8. My boyfriend was sick as a dog last night - so I think I'm going to have to go home after work and give this a try! Looks amazing as Alison...those pictures look fabulous :)
    Hope your day is going well - thinking of you!


  9. I must try this!! Looks superyummy ^^

    Miuw @ CocoMiuw

  10. Hi Alison! Glad to see a post from you today:) Hope you are well:) The soup looks delicious and for sure it is! Pin the photo, as you know I am a huge fan of your recipeS:) Kisses and hugs!

  11. First off, I'm so sorry to hear about your cousin. That is very young. Thoughts and prayers going out to you and all of your family.
    Secondly, this soup looks absolutely amazing!!

  12. This soup looks really yummy and I LOVE those brass spoons!!!
    Beautiful pictures!