Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Petal by Petal:: The Yves Piaget Rose

Flowers make me dream. They constantly intrigue and inspire me – from their soft layered fragrant petals to their romantic aroma -  I just can’t get enough. I adore how they can paint a landscape into a dream-like setting or turn a plot of land into a garden lover's dream.   I have been a lover of flowers for as long as I can remember.  My first memories are from my grandmother’s garden.  She tended to her roses everyday, she had beds bursting with bright shades of yellow to moody blooms in deep reds and burgundies.  She had dahlias, pansies and hyacinth arranged beautifully among herbs and a miniature pear tree.  When I close my eyes I can still imagine looking up at the rose covered trellis with the sun shining through and the grass beneath my toes.  It is a precious memory that I hold dear to my heart.  
I am always thinking of ways that I can incorporate more of what I love into this little space on the web and besides food and fashion, I want to incorporate more flowers (let's refer to them as the three - f's).  I love venturing to the flower market - the bustling street brimming with  every type of flower you can imagine.  So welcome to the new series, Petal by Petal, where I will be sharing with you various types of flowers twice a month to give you inspiration if you are planning a get together or an even larger event like a wedding.  Today I will begin by sharing with you the Yves Piaget rose, prized for it's fragrance and depth of petals. Continue for more...

This flower had me at my first sniff - it has an intensely intoxicating floral aroma, slightly sweet with almost a lily-like essence.  I was immediate drawn to the layers, which is no surprise since I typically gravitate towards romantic flowers like ranunculus, roses and peonies.  If you are looking for a sturdy rose that has a presence and wonderful fragrance than this is one flower that you should consider.  
Buying Guide: Harvest Whole Sale (NYC Flower District), Ode à la Rose, Global Rose, Fifty Roses

*All photographs by Alison
*Source: 'Roses' by Orietta Sala, Firefly Books. 2003. 


  1. such beautiful roses. sometimes a flower can take you back to a memory, for me its gardenia's and my grandmother.

    xx amy

    Leopard and Lillies

  2. Love roses in general, but this one is truly stunning! The color is awesome and for sure got a nice scent:) I'm caught into your description! Kisses Alison! xo

  3. so beautiful!! I have so many rosebushes in my yard....its heaven when they bloom....my daughter loves cutting them and arranging them in vases for different corners around the house! she is quite the artist!

  4. Stunning color!I will have to look for these! xoxo

  5. LOVE this idea for a feature!! I love flowers. This one is beautiful. That color!! xo, Julie

  6. Flowers have the same sentimentality for me. My grandfather had the most beautiful peony bushes. SO gorgeous and flourishing.

  7. Beautiful rose! Beautiful post! Reminds me of my late Grandmother rose garden.

  8. What an incredibly beautiful flower! Roses have such a romantic quality about them + pink is definitely my favourite colour xx

  9. It looks like the most beautiful roses plucked from fresh flowers gallery of nature. Awesome post !!!!!!!!