Thursday, July 5, 2012

Carrot Cake with Fluffy Vanilla Bean Frosting

When it comes to cake, I typically gravitate towards chocolate, however I was recently requested to bake a carrot cake and I quickly realized after my first bite that my cake palette is much wider than I had thought.  Growing up, I was never really fond of carrot cake - I did not like the large bits of nuts or the dried fruit that often appeared inside of each layer and I definitely did not like cream cheese frosting.  I wanted to find a recipe that would appeal to all, so I settled on this recipe for Carrot Cake and frosted it with light and fluffy Seven Minute Frosting with vanilla bean seeds and let me tell you, it was beyond delicious. This cake was incredibly moist and had a great nutty flavor thanks to the pecans that were finely ground inside.  
A Few Things: I scooped up a few bunches of fresh carrots at the farmer's market in Union Square that were decadently sweet.  I also finely chopped the pecans into extremely tiny pieces, in order for them to fully incorporate into the batter. Finally, instead of using vanilla extract, I added the seeds of one vanilla bean which provided a wonderful flavor to the frosting. 

*All photographs by Alison


  1. Carrot cake is my absolute favorite! I should go a get me a slice. Mouthwatering!!


  2. This is so pretty! Great to show off at a BBQ! xoxo

  3. Can you please send me a piece, it looks delicious!!:)
    xx Kate

  4. The cake looks fantastic, i suppose it tastes as well good as its appearance!
    Well done,


  5. So yummy,this is prob going to sound wierd,but I dont like carrots at all,but I love carrot cake :D I think its cos I just love cake so much :D
    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog too and for your lovely comment,hope you have a lovely day x

  6. Alison, I was looking for a cake that I can bake for my coworkers on my birthday, and that's it. Thanks for sharing, I hope it will turn out as good as yours.

    <3 Ani

    1. Thank you so much Ani! I am sure yours will be just as good:)