Thursday, May 24, 2012

Greece Through it's Flowers

(Crimson geraniums)

Greece was utterly magnificent, so much more than I had ever expected, it is hard to depict in words just how much I fell in love with this country, in particularly the Greek islands that we visited, Santorini and Paros.  At times I wanted  to pinch myself, in particularly our time spent in Oia, Santorini. I was so visually stimulated as I was inundated with color palettes I only thought were possible to discover in some sort of  dreamland - bright whites, cobalt blues, peaches, light pinks, mint greens, dark greens all with a backdrop to the Aegean Sea, at times it was just too much to take in.  I have so much to share, but I thought that I would begin with sharing the beautiful flora that colors the landscapes and fills the air with a luxurious aroma of honeysuckle and jasmine and mingles with the saltiness from the breeze swept off the Aegean. In one word - heaven.    

I found it fascinating just how much fruit was growing just about everywhere that you turned - figs, lemons, limes, quince, oranges, artichokes, apricots and grapes. Grapes were everywhere!  We have been growing some of our own and it was fascinating to see hundred year old plants fruiting and thriving. I also have a newfound liking and appreciation for geraniums, which I didn't particularly like prior to our trip. We had them growing up but they were always my least favorite, next to impatiens; however, after seeing them in Santorini I have had a definite change of heart.  There were geraniums there that I can't ever recall seeing before, they were extremely large bushes that grew out of the cracks in buildings or in over-size acanthus pots and were so vibrant in colors ranging from reds to light pinks.  Another favorite flower that I rediscovered was the bougainvillea that I would have to say is Greece's signature and iconic flower. In the many photographs that I saw prior to leaving this vivid pink or red flower was everywhere - climbing on the side of the white buildings or tumbling off a trellis.  We are getting ready to plant flowers (I am thinking geraniums, jasmine and a few succulents) on our porch and now I am really inspired to do so, I can't wait to create my own piece of the Greek islands in my very own backyard. 
(A jasmine flower perched upon a ledge in Santorini)
(Purple wildflowers)
(Vibrant pink blooms inside of an orange pitcher overlooking the Caldera in Imerovigli, Santorini)
(A colorful succulent bush in Oia)
(Wildflowers by the side of the winding road leading to Oia)
(A green succulent with a pop of pink)
(A yellow and white daisy)
(A red poppy spotted in Hadrian's Library, Athens)
(My favorite fragrant flower, the gardenia perfumed the air as we ate by the port in Oia)
(Another succulent bush in Oia)
(Fuschia bougainvillea flowers)
(A ridiculously fragrant honeysuckle flower)
(A yellow dandelion sitting atop a volcanic rock at Red Beach in Akrotir, Santorini)
(A lilac colored wildflower perched upon a ledge at Red Beach in Akrotiri)
(A red hibiscus at our hotel in Paros)
(A floral succulents)
(Yellow wildflowers)
(A mint green succulent found in the Plaka section of Athens)
(An abundance of pink roses in Oia)

*All photographs by Alison 


  1. beautiful flowers dear, love them!:) xoxo

  2. after hearing you talk about it yesterday and thanks again for the wine and olive oil...but after seeing these beautiful pictures I'm just blown away...I definitely need to make a stop there this summer during my these pictures!

  3. Ox themou! OMG! So beautiful, well done Allison! Anastasia.