Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Beauty of Athens, Greece

(Inside the Roman Agora)

Athens was beautiful, even though before going I was told otherwise.  It is no mystery that Greece is going through an incredibly tough economic period and the news at home paints the picture that there are riots everyone; however, that was definitely not the case while we were visiting.  This portrayal is hurting tourism, not only on the mainland, but also in the islands, so please don't let this stop you from booking your trip.  Once you go, you will be so taken back by the beauty that you will be thankful that you did!

There is definitely a strong clash between classical and modern in Athens, which can seem quite strange when you are looking at ruins and next door you see a rather ugly modern building that seems out of place. There is also quite a bit of graffiti, actually everywhere you look buildings are tagged and there are many vacant stores, but once you look past that it is easy to get wrapped up in the classical side of the city that is enchanting and awe-inspiring.  Some of my favorite moments were the times spent wandering around the Plaka area that has the feel of a white-washed Greek island and was a great prelude to what we would soon experience in Santorini. It is easy to get lost amidst the foliage of grapes and roses and the winding streets.

Another favorite moment besides seeing all of the ruins, in particularly the Acropolis, which I consider to be a wonder of the world, was our hike up Mount Lycabettus.  We intended to take the cable car up to see the sunset over Athens, however, as I prefer it in Europe we ended up hiking it (in sandals and flip-flops!).  From the top the views are stunning, you can see the sea, the islands and all of the historical architecture as the sunset creates a light pink haze over the city.  If you are in Athens, I definitely recommend doing this - the local Athenians also told us to do it too.  I can't wait to share with you the islands of Santorini and Paros and the food of Greece, (oh, the food! and the coffee!), these posts will be headed your way shortly.  Enjoy your Saturday, so thankful it is a three day weekend!
(The walls of the Acropolis)
(A sign for the Acropolis surrounded by a fig tree)
(Pillars inside the Agora)
(A few from our hike up Mount Lycabettus)
(A rainbow appeared over us on our hike)
(Making a wish)
(An enchanting path)
 (My favorite color combination, fuchsia, white and blue)
(A trio of mint green tins holding bayleaf and dill)
 (Colorful bowls)
(An orange tree)
(A taste of the Greek islands in the Plaka)
(One of my favorite streets, I love the melange of colors, in particularly the powder blue and yellows accented with fuschia bouganvilla flowers)
(Enjoying lunch in the shade)
(Weathered blue doors)
(Taking it all in)
(The Roman Arch)
(Grapes in the Plaka)
 (We spotted this near a rose bed, it looks like a fragment of a fresco painting)
(A white-washed home)
(The magnificent and awe-inspiring Acropolis)
(This guy didn't move much, we saw him a few different days just lounging in the window sill next to a miniature olive tree)
(And my handsome boyfriend John for good measure)

*All photographs by Alison


  1. Amazing pictures! You must have had an incredible time!!

  2. grece is so beautiful! i dream that one day i will go there;)
    nice blog;)