Monday, January 28, 2013

Lounge Here, Wear This:: Belize

Swim Top  / Swim Bottom / Cover-up / Boucle Shorts / Lace Tank  / Tunic / Sunglasses
Fine Knit Sweater / Passport Holder / Pink Shorts / Dress / Sandal / SPF Lip Treatment

I hope that everyone had a fantastic weekend! Thank you for all of your sweet comments from Friday's post.  It is cold in New York, I mean really, really cold, with the kind of air that swirls around you and leaves you feeling bitten by old man winter.  My mind has starting dreaming of somewhere warm and I begin to fantasize about wandering somewhere warm for vacation.  Last year it was Greece - sweet, wonderful Greece.  Traditionally vacation to me means Europe - Italy, France, Spain, escaping to enjoy the rich history, architecture and food - I rarely think of traveling anywhere else.  But this year we have decided to travel to Belize in the early spring to discover the rain forest, ruins and the Caribbean Sea. I am looking forward to lounging by the sea, but also hiking and exploring the rain forest.  Have you guys ever been to Belize?  

Striped Shirt / Cut-offs / Yellow Bikini / Converse / Straw Hat
Binoculars / Parrot Tee / Sunglasses / Camera Bag / Sunscreen Stick

First Image via Las Terrazas Resort
Second Image via 


  1. I want summer ^^
    kiss and happy start of week

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  2. How cute is that white scalloped bikini?! I adore it!

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  3. Oh wao!! what a wonderful vacation. Should be so much fun. I have a friend who went over Christmas and loved it. They rented in a little house on the beach and said it was so beautiful and amazing. I love your outfits.....I'm with you in terms of travel...Europe wins me over everytime!!

    Thanks, I did survive the was actually very nice....a nice change of pace. Glad to be back home though. xx

  4. Wow...those pictures are so pretty! I definitely need to plan a vacation too! I hope you have a blast on yours! xoxo

  5. I would give anything for a beach vacation right now! That scalloped bikini is adorable.

    The Glossy Life

  6. These pictures are incredible!!!! I need to be on that beach right now. Love your picks for a vacay to Belize! xo, Julie

  7. I want to go there and I want to wear that!!

  8. Unfortunately nope, never been there! Is freezing here as well and your post made me miss the summer!!:) Kisses! xo

  9. Belize!? OMG, sounds amazing! May I jump in your suitcase, por favor!? I am HOOKED on the Sugar Lip Balm... wearing it right now! They came out with a red tinged one recently and it's also a must-try!

    Holly Foxen Wells
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  10. These pieces are so perfect for each place! Love them!

    Fashion and Beauty Finds

  11. I loved Belize - so relaxing and the rainforests are beautiful! I'm addicted to Fresh lip products and adore the yellow scalloped bikini!

  12. That scalloped bikini is toooo cute for words! Perfectly light and bright to show off a gorgeous tan~!

    Thank you for the visit love, hope to see you back soon! On the blog this week- Snippets from my trip to Sundance!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Haute Khuuture Blog

  13. Great outfits! I love the first one perfect for the beach, the sun, the sea...
    Exactly what I need right now with this cold winter!
    Thanks for making me dream a little bit :)