Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Places to Venture: Long Island City

The past weekend, I spent an afternoon helping my friend pack for her big move to Brooklyn.  Over the years, I have seen her neighborhood of Long Island City transform with the openings of noteworthy new restaurants and beautiful coffee shops.  We took a break before packing and headed out for one last horrah in her neighborhood.
Sweet Leaf Coffee and Tea is definitely worth the trip across the river.  The salon-like sitting room creates a great environment to sip on a cappuccino and perhaps a slice of their rich chocolate cake. 
(A frothy cappuccino)
(The Sitting Room)

 Manhattan might have Ladurée, but Long Island City has Little Oven, a gem of a bakery located a bit off the beaten path, but totally worth the trip.  The white tin ceilings and crystal chandelier also create a salon-like feel.  There are so many different flavors of macaroons to choose from like Orange Pink Peppercorn, Cherry Blossom and Cassis.  
(Café seating)
(A chandelier creates an inviting environment)


  1. I need that capuccino now!!!!

  2. The cappuccino looks delicious. I'd love to spend some time in that coffee shop. Following now :)