Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Beauty File:: Beyond the Fringe

To cut or not to cut, now that is the question that I have been toying with as of late.  I had bangs when I was about eight years old, but let me tell you they were the 80's variety that were permed (I cringe as I write this!) and before that, probably around the age of five my older sister took to them leaving me with a sharp angled amount of fringe, much to my mother's horror.  Recently I have found myself in need of a major hair change, primarily because I am just bored with the same old look and I have been gravitating towards a 70's inspired look à la Jane Birkin or Kate Moss.  The question becomes...am I ready for the commitment? Stay-tuned!

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  1. I am SO down with the fringe! I quickly learned in middle school that Tyra Banks and I shared the same forehead (well, kinda…) and that bangs should be my homegirl. I need a little bang touchup though - these front bangs are….bangin' ;) xx

  2. I could totally picture you pulling off bangs amazingly! I had them for a hot second and while I loved them when I actually DID my hair, they were too much of a pain to style (I have very VERY curly hair, though). I say go for it!